The Consistent Cash Flow Method for Small Business Owners

Go from cash flow stress to empowered entrepreneur with the financial knowledge and tools you need to be successful.

Welcome! I help small business owners manage their cash flow with ease so they can plan for consistent growth every month.

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Catherine's career has been featured in:

 Catherine's career has been featured in:

Do you ever feel like...

You are constantly unclear about your business cash flow and worried you'll never understand it?


You waste time trying to figure out which numbers to track in your business and want to give up?


You have a clear vision and idea for your business plan, but can't explain your numbers to the people that matter?


You are constantly playing catch up understanding your business finances, and want to be able to explain them clearly?

You would be more confident in your business decisions with a way to understand your finances?                            

You would rather spend less time stressed about cash flow and more time doing what you love?                                   

You'll be able to learn...

Analyze your Assumptions

Identify the numbers in your business that really matter and learn how to track them. Learn to understand your data, costs, trends within your business, and how to lay the foundation for the financials that will guide your business forward to the growth you dream of.


Dream Your Team

In the second phase of the course, we'll design your dream team based on identifying the most pressing needs your business has, and we'll quantify the corresponding Human Resources costs that come with growing your team, and pair those with the other operating costs in your business. Build a budget in line with your vision.

Project Your Profit

In the final phase of the course you will learn how to link your assumptions with your expenses to understand where your growth, pricing, and volume will need to go in order to master cash flow specific to your brand. We'll tie everything together - so you can understand how to manage your cash flow over time based on your goals.


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Can you imagine...

  • Being able to confidently grow your team 
  • Knowing how much money you'll need to raise to fund your idea
  • Being able to confidently understand the secrets to raising money and knowing how much you need, when, and for how long to achieve your business goals 

This is 100% possible for you - I know this because I've been exactly where you are now. This proven system will take you from cash flow stress to confident business owner

NEW Course: The First Year of Consistent Cash Flow

Join Catherine for an hour-long course to learn how to plan 12-months of expenses and sales targets so you can shift from confusion to clarity as a business owner.

What you'll get:

  • Easy-to-use Excel templates for Inventory and Service-based businesses
  • Video tutorial to teach you how to project 12 months of expenses and sales 
  • Learn how to understand your profitability and Return on Investment
  • A Financial Summary generated for you to explain your business with confidence and clarity
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Free Training: How to Manage Cash Flow With Ease So You Can Plan for Consistent Monthly Growth

Join Catherine for a free webinar training where she covers the keys to entrepreneurial success, how to conquer stress using the Cash Flow Method for Creative Entrepreneurs, and the secret to raising money - and how to understand how much funding you need, and when, as a small business owner.

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The Consistent Cash Flow Method for Small Business Owners

This course is the culmination of my years in entrepreneurship within the fashion industry, paired with advanced financial tools I mastered while studying at Columbia Business School. If you are serious about planning your business cash flow or considering raising investor capital, this course is for you.

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You probably thought about cash flow today. And it didn't feel great.

It's time to stop thinking about it in the same way, and instead take charge of your business by integrating a new way of thinking - all based in facts and data.

The Consistent Cash Flow Method

for Small Business Owners

By the end of the program, you'll

  • Understand how to move beyond cash flow stress around payroll and expenses, and toward a confident life as a master of the numbers in your business
  • Save yourself hours of debating business decisions by having a financial roadmap to understand what you can afford to do and when 
  • Understand your path to profitability and be able to clearly explain the amount of money your business needs for to achieve your goals at the right time 

No more fear. No more worrying. No more wasting time. Just clarity and confidence for your journey as a creative entrepreneur.

About Catherine Smith Licari

Catherine began her career in publishing spending years working as a magazine editor and with emerging fashion designers.

At the age of 25, she launched her first business in November 2014, an e-commerce company called PLAN DE VILLE  as the online destination for luxury fashion by emerging designers and received the Rising Star Award in Retail from The Fashion Group International. 

After scaling that company and launching a second business, she completed an MBA at Columbia Business School and created The Consistent Cash Flow Method: a proven method to eliminate cash flow stress and empower you to grow your brand and team as a small business.

The Consistent Cash Flow Method for Small Business Owners is a ground-breaking approach to financial planning for start-ups tailored to creative thinkers with no finance background.

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Go from Cash Flow Stress to Empowered Entrepreneur

Coaching Videos

The course curriculum features individual lessons all with a video class with Catherine explaining the concept of the lesson and how to apply it to your business.                                


You can start at any time and go through the classes as quickly or as slowly as you like. They are always there to reference back and watch to guide you throughout the year.


You will be part of a private group of Cash Flow For Creatives community members. Our community is passionate about networking and empowering each other with helpful suggestions.                                                         

Exclusive Downloads

You will have access to the all the training videos, course workbooks, and excel downloads all created specifically for creative entrepreneurs at your stage of business.                                                               

You’re moments away from taking the first step to conquering cash flow so you can focus on consistent monthly growth.


What you'll get:

  • Direct access to The Consistent Cash Flow Method

The proven method that...

  • Identifies the key numbers in your business that matter
  • Plans the growth of your team in a sustainable way that solves your business problems while empowering growth and scale
  • Projects your profits by setting sales goals that you understand how to achieve
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Become a finance expert for your own business


I created this course after years of working with creative entrepreneurs and merging that experience with the tools I developed during my MBA at Columbia Business School. The Cash Flow Method is a proven formula for conquering stress and gaining clarity and confidence in how to make your business decisions as a creative entrepreneur. Friendly finance, explained for you and with tools you can master to give you your time back to focus on doing what you love.

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